Software and Support with a Focus on Operational Suitability

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Operational Experience

Focused Support LLC founders have years of tactical fighter and UAS experience. We understand the difference between "operational utility" and "operational suitability". Our elegant and salient solutions minimize your downtime and training.

Technical Expertise

Focused Support LLC engineers bring a skill set that combines operational understanding with the latest software development techniques and technologies.

Customer Focused

Focused Support LLC understands the challenges facing operators today. Our goal is to provide mission critical solutions that are designed to be open, scalable, and stable to provide flexibility for new requirements as well as ensuring maximum uptime.

“Our unique combination of both operational and technical experience within the RPA community enables us to provide products and services with the complete operational picture in mind.”


Focused Support LLC's cross-platform solutions provide flexibility to include the most dynamic scenarios and disadvantaged users.

Platform Agnostic

Our solutions provide a common set of capabilities (not just data) across a spectrum of operating systems and environments. No need to replace existing operational equipment.

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