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Getting Set Up With Scientific Python

Throughout my education and post-academic career before joining Focused Support I had used MATLAB almost exclusively for my data analysis and algorithmic prototyping tasks. I was

Adding Some Magic to Testing

How do you test a complex system that doesn't have any UI without developers on the test team? In this post I'll discuss the architecture we

Dash Docset Integration With Jenkins

Around Focused Support, the developers who use Macs all use the excellent Dash documentation browser, which provides fast offline search and browsing for many popular development

Tracking page views without Javascript

At Focused Support we use Confluence and JIRA for internal development activities so when we were looking for an external facing customer support solution, JIRA Service

Analytics using Apache Spark and MongoDB

One of the main features of our NEURO product is that it stores all information that it processes (aircraft, overlays, etc.) in a database indefinitely and