NEURO is the brains of your UAS operations, tracking nearly every aspect of UAS flight ops. NEURO is a next-generation software product created from the ground up to support Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operations in the National Airspace System (NAS). NEURO provides a browser-based interface for UAS aircrew, ground-based safety observers, flight test engineers, managers, airfield operators, and other external stakeholders without the need for any installed software or browser plugins. NEURO is compatible with:

  • Google Earth ™
  • Raytheon® Solipsys™ ZEUS
  • IE11 ™, Firefox ™, Chrome ™, Safari ™

Key Points

  • NEURO web-based display- no special plugins required
  • UAS, Radar, ADS-B track picture
  • Factor Traffic Cuing for Safety Observers and Aircrew
  • Long term persistent data storage
  • Collaboration hub for all mission stakeholders
  • Advanced data analysis performed on the server- ensuring that user displays remain responsive under heavy load
  • No new Human Machine Interface (HMI) required- seamlessly integrates with your existing Ground Control Station or other mission display

Long term data storage, retrieval, and analysis

NEURO accepts primary and secondary radar data, ADS-B data and UAS metadata to build an accurate 3D air picture. All data that enters NEURO is maintained and stored by NEURO indefinitely. The NEURO database enables on-the-fly data retrieval. It contains a powerful timeline that allows the user to immediately advance or retrograde the time or jump directly to a desired time for both forward and reverse playback at normal or other speeds. The NEURO database also enables real-time event alerting and large scale historical data analysis. For example, analyze the utilization of your operating airspace over time by altitude segment, aircraft squawk (e.g. 1200 vs. assigned), proximity to your UAVs, etc.


Real-Time Metadata Creation

NEURO creates new amplifying information for data it is receiving in real-time, i.e. as data is being received. One example is track vertical speed, NEURO analyzes reported track altitude over time to calculate vertical speed for the track. This provides a vertical speed value for air tracks served, even when vertical speed is not available in the track’s source data.

NEURO Is Great For

  • UAS Operators
  • Small UAS and other R/C Aircraft
  • Range Operations Support
  • Safety Observation
  • Local Area Airfield Coordination
  • Third-Party Developers
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