Logan, Utah  –  Focused Support LLC is happy to announce a new joint venture with AggieAir at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. AggieAir and Focused Support LLC have been collaborating since 2015 on airspace projects. Starting in August 2020, AggieAir began using and providing feedback on Focused Support’s new airspace collaboration platform, Cavok Mission Systems.

Cavok provides live airspace awareness and flight collaboration to help organize, coordinate, and enhance safety for flights operated by AggieAir and USU’s drone fleet during scientific data collection and other civil unmanned aerial operations. Cavok’s unparalleled airspace data is a perfect complement for GreatBlue, AggieAir’s new 50-pound unmanned scientific platform, resulting in a highly capable and safe ‘data drone’ system which integrates well with the US National Airspace system.

Cavok’s high-performance Tactical Situational Display (TSD) has an easy-to-use interface that enables rapid integration with limited training required. The Cavok Mission Systems platform has an open architecture enabling simple integration of machine-to-machine interfaces as well as the ability to work with other universities, campuses, and businesses.  Cavok Mission Systems comes with 24/7 Phone and Email Support to ensure operational readiness.

About Focused Support LLC

Founded in 2011, Focused Support provides mission execution software and professional services to commercial and government agencies.  Focused Support provides operationally suitable hardware and software solutions that support various unmanned operations in North America and overseas.

For further information, contact: MediaRelations@focusedsupport.com