Tactical Execution Platform

Purpose built for demanding real-time enterprise-wide mission execution.

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Ready Today

Cavok is operational today, ready to support your operations with either Cloud or On-Premise solutions.

High Performance

With a 30 frame per-second update rate, Cavok displays your data at full motion speeds.


Data in Cavok is organized into enterprise spanning Channels allowing users to quickly retrieve mission essential data.


Your mission is complex, your software shouldn’t get in the way. Cavok’s intuitive user interface keeps it simple.

Key Features

We discovered the need for a new TacSit while developing demanding, time sensitive applications like OMEN. Legacy mission execution display options are limiting the capabilities that we are able to provide to users. Cavok was purpose built from the ground up to be high performant, easy to use, collaborative, and open to other systems. Cavok is ready today to satisfy your mission requirements.

Cavok Channels

All data in Cavok is organized into Channels that are accessible across the enterprise. When a new user logs into Cavok they will initially only be a member of their private Sandbox Channel. As they join other channels, data will begin to appear on their map such as tracks, airspaces, overlays, mission plans, and more.

  • Channels allow users to quickly retrieve the information they need rather than having to filter through unnecessary data
  • Channel access can be left wide-open to all users or pre-shared key (PSK) restricted to either join and/or contribute

Real-Time Flight Planning & Monitoring

Cavok provides a powerful flight planner that integrates live aircraft telemetry providing real-time updates throughout a mission. Relevant data is provided to all mission participants, not just the pilot, including Play and RTB times.

  • Live telemetry integration provides real-time fuel & schedule updates
  • Relevant flight plan data can be shared with all mission participants via a secure Cavok Channel
  • Flight Plans easily update in response to dynamic mission requirements

Intuitive User Interface

Cavok was purpose built for RPA mission execution, leveraging Focused Support’s significant operational experience, with an emphasis on simplicity and ease-of-use. Cavok supports all the data formats you would expect and includes all the tools you need.

  • Charts and Imagery (GNC, TPC, Sectional, IFR, CIB, etc.)
  • Grids (CGRS, GARS, MGRS)
  • Searching, Filtering
  • Altitude Stacks
  • Sensor Point of Interest Reference Rings
  • And more…

Open Architecture

Like all software built by Focused Support, Cavok was designed from the beginning as an open architecture. Users do not need the Cavok TacSit to participate in the Cavok enterprise. Third-party systems interface with Cavok allowing their users to join and contribute to Cavok channels from within their native platforms. This allows, for example, a weather operator to publish areas of convective activity to Cavok from within their native weather application.

  • Third-party systems readily exchange data with Cavok allowing their users to work in their native application

“It’s everything that I’ve been looking for in a TACSIT in my eight years supporting RPA OPS.”

“The Cavok mission planner delivered 100 percent on all of the flight plans that we built. We were able to utilize the active flight plans in addition to being able to build individual flight plans for on station, RTB, determining Joker/Bingo etc… with accurate data that shacked in seconds. I have nothing negative to say about Cavok. It’s everything that I’ve been looking for in a TACSIT in my eight years supporting RPA OPS.” -Weapons Officer, Air National Guard

“After seeing Cavok in action and seeing its capabilities, I was satisfied that this platform could ABSOLUTELY serve every one of our mission planning and SA requirements. It is streamlined, stable, and very dependable for the other units we fly with and has been for years. Having a common platform would allow us to partner up with them exceedingly more effectively in our theater.” -Systems Support Contractor, Air National Guard

The person and unit names of these testimonials remain anonymous. References available upon request.

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